The 2013 Annual Sag Awards – Actors Voting for Actors, Really?

The 19th Annual 2013 SAG Awards – Actors Voting for Actors, Really?

It’s SAG Awards time!  Actors shared their love for other actors at last Sunday’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.  There were some well deserved winners and some surprises at this year’s awards.  Frankly, I was still recovering from the Golden Globes two weeks ago and found this year’s SAG awards to be rushed, disappointing and a bit uneventful.

ARGO WON!  I so love Ben Affleck.  So down to earth and passionate!  Thrilled that Downton Abby won and Claire Danes for Homeland!  Danes is so raw, edgy and original.  And thank God Modern Family won over 30 Rock.  Another upset was a not-too-happy Steve Buscemi losing to Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad for Best Male Actor in a Drama Series.  Cranston also beat Jeff Daniels of The Newsroom, Jon Hamm of Mad Men (how could they?) and Damian Lewis of Homeland.

The Life Time Achievement Award went to Dick Van Dyke.   He is 88.  Simply amazing.

In TV, 30 Rock picked up the most awards.  Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin walked away with statues, as the series comes to an end after seven seasons.  Baldwin made it a clean sweep, winning his seventh Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series.  There should be a limit for how many awards an actor can have for the same role.  But does anyone know what’s up with his new hair style?  Is it married life?  I much preferred the fatter Alec with slick backed hair topped with his snarky attitude.

Meanwhile, Tina Fey won for a fifth time, beating Betty White, Sofia Vergara, Edie Falco and Amy Poehler.  This Thursday marks the end of the series and Tina suggested “taping Big Bang for once, for crying out loud!”   I really do not find her funny.  (To be honest, I am jealous of her super woman qualities.)

Rounding out the night in film were wins for Jennifer Lawrence, who almost flashed the camera walking up the stairs when her dress unexpectedly separated, for her lead role in Silver Linings Playbook.  I was very surprised Jennifer Lawrence won for Best Actress over Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty, Helen Mirren for Hitchcock and Naomi Watts for her role in The Impossible.

SAG-AFTRA, the union behind the awards, is primarily made up of actors, and some 100,000 members cast their votes for the winners. The ceremony is one of the most watched by the industry during awards season, as actors make up the largest block of voters for the Oscars which airs February 24th.

THE 2013 SAG Winners:

Drama Ensemble: Downton Abbey

Comedy Ensemble:  Modern Family

Drama Actor:  Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Drama Actress: Claire Danes, Homeland

Comedy Actor: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Comedy Actress: Tina Fey, 30 Rock

Miniseries Actor: Kevin Costner, Hatfields & McCoys

Miniseries Actress:  Julianne Moore, Game Change


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