Happy Holidays from Ellen Explains

Greetings All – 

Happy Holidays!

Though I have to admit I am just not feeling it this year.  

The department store windows feel flat probably due to the mayhem on 57th Street.  I have got to think Christmas sales are down in the neighboring Fifth Avenue stores such as Tiffany, Bergdorf’s and Louis Vuitton.

It’s all so surreal.

I really don’t want to waste any more energy on things I simple can’t control.   I turn 60 next month and so I spent most of this year figuring out my third act. 

I am now a licensed real estate agent, assisting buyers and sellers of New York City condos and coops as well as helping renters find their perfect home.  Complementing this business, I launched a home staging business.

I have repositioned the blog to cover more lifestyle news and tips and less celebrity news though I will still cover red carpet events and make a few snarky comments now and then.

You can learn more about my new staging business at Staging With Style NYC and feel free to access my Level Group real estate listings.

So far launching new businesses is exciting yet stressful.  Many calls to my psychics have been made this year for guidance. 


Please check out my listings and if you need some apartment staging or fluffing or just want to explore ideas, I am always an email or text away.

And of course the Ellen Explains blog will continue. 

Below are some photos from the Bergdorf’s and Barney’s windows. 

Thanks for being a loyal subscriber. 

Best wishes for 2017. 





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