I am embarrassingly late with this.  There is really no excuse except that I am in a surreal state on this Inauguration Day.

On top of that, I did not enjoy this year’s Golden Globes.  The fashions were off.  Most were way too metallic and inappropriate for my tastes and some I just did not understand.  Where were the stylists?  Maybe I just too old fashioned.  There was also no “In Memoriam” tribute for the plethora of talent we lost this year.

The one good highlight was Meryl Streep.

Below are my best and worst dressed and, of course, the jewels.

Good luck to those taking a stand for all women this weekend in Washington DC and New York!!

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Best Dressed:

Worst Dressed:


The Jewels:



  1. I enjoy reading Ellen Explains. It’s fun & quirky. That said, minus 5 points for “In Memorandum.” It’s “In Memoriam.”

  2. Thank you Elvira! Noted and corrected!
    I was so hypnotized by Melania’s powder blue Ralph Lauren ensemble today that I lost my mind a bit.

  3. Hi Ellen, always love reading your blog. How on earth do you find out all these details?
    I love Natalie Portman’s earrings and Thandy Newton’s look. Not wild about that copper stuff on the bottom of her dress, but her jewelry is beautiful, her shoulders are shown off exquisitely, and she’s one of my very favorite actresses.
    Watch her and Evan Rachel Wood on West World. Evan Rachel Wood looked pretty cool herself. I did not like what Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing.
    I felt very good about so many actresses baring their lack of cleavage. I hope this is a new trend – less focus on the rack and more focus on the whole woman. I also did not like Anna Kendrick’s dress. I thought it made her boobs look like two little cupcakes – that were kind of off-center on her chest. Jessica Chastain’s sky blue long dress with the exquisite pink and green jeweled flowers just transported me back to a different more innocent era… elementary school. In the 50s.

  4. Thank you Ms. Madelyn! So glad you enjoy my column. I almost did not publish today since I thought it was a bit inappropriate to discuss frivolous fashion when our country is in a state of shock. But perhaps we all need an escape of some kind. I agree with your assessment of Jessica Chastain’s look. Simply flawless.

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