My Favorite NYC Celebrity Homes

I have been wanting to do a post on celebrity homes for a long time.  I had a hard time selecting my favorites but when it came down to it, I was definitely influenced more by décor  than size, location and views.   

Jennifer Lopez’s sprawling penthouse in the Flat Iron district is currently on the market for $27 million. The 6,500 square foot duplex comes with four bedrooms, a keyed elevator which opens onto a 45-foot by 29-foot great room with an overhead skylight and three sets of French doors that open onto an outdoor space. I love the luxurious, light and airy feeling of this crown jewel.

Carole Radziwell of Real Housewives of New York lives in a beautifully decorated apartment in Soho. Radziwill has lived in her home since 2002 but her renovations didn’t start until a decade ago. Walls were refinished or repainted and new pieces were mixed with old ones.  She considers her home an escape. “I’m the girl who is going to go home, shut her door, and be in solitude, surrounded by beautiful things,” she explains. This is definitely a small, but beautifully decorated sanctuary.

Bravo producer Andy Cohen originally bought his apartment that serves as the present duplex’s ground floor in 2003 and purchased the unit above it after its former occupant passed away. To connect the two apartments, Cohen’s architect Gordon Kahn created a sculptural staircase. The lower floor is dedicated to the kitchen and the living room while the upper level has the master bedroom and office. The furniture is a mix of vintage finds and preppy pieces from Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren. Cohen has an extensive art collection which includes David Hockney and Andy Warhol which adorn the walls.  I love his mix of whimsical, quirky yet traditional styles that work so well together.    

Alas, Madonna’s home we will never have the privilege of seeing.  Her real estate empire on East 81st Street between Third and Lexington Avenues remains a mystery.  Madonna first bought the home in 2009, and has since revamped it into what is essentially a very fancy gated community: the compound was made by combining three townhouses and has 13 bedrooms, a private gym, a dance studio, and a 3,300-square-foot garden.

Apparently, Madonna’s neighbors report that celebrity sightings are few and far between.  As one neighbor explained, “I knew she lived on the Upper East Side, but I had no idea that she was literally across the street,” he says. “She doesn’t advertise that she lives there. There isn’t paparazzi outside 24/7 or anything.  You wouldn’t know she lives there.”



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