Ellen J. Silverman

CEO & Founder

Born and raised in New York City, Ellen has always been obsessed with pop culture and celebrities. Her family loved the movies and television and as a result of such a star-struck family, she spent her childhood devouring celebrity gossip magazines. During Ellen’s off hours, she spent almost every Saturday in and out of department stores with her mother and aunt. She would frequent Saks or Lord & Taylor where her mother and aunt would try on designer clothes for hours and hours. For those special occasions they ventured to Bonwit Teller and Henri Bendel.

The shopping and retail gene was definitely in Ellen’s blood since her grandmother worked for Macys for 40 years and her aunt worked for ‎Butterick Fashion Marketing Company, a manufacturer of Vogue designer patterns. Ellen has fond memories of her mother and aunt purchasing patterns and fabric at the Butterick sales and then venturing to the family’s Italian dressmaker, Miss Bottelli, who would craft the outfits on her Singer sewing machine in her Hell’s Kitchen studio.

Other impressionable childhood memories was the family’s interior decorator who worked for W & J Sloan, an upscale furniture ‎store in midtown Manhattan.  Ellen’s family never made a decorating decision without consulting this design expert. The furniture that was purchased in this era has been restored and are fixtures in Ellen’s current home.

With this upbringing it is no wonder that Ellen loves to shop and explore all kinds of stores in New York City as well as abroad. As Ellen explains, “I see beauty in color, prints and style from local flea markets to the haute couture on display at Bergdorf’s to the outdoor clothing racks in Harlem where I currently reside.”

portrait of Ellen Silverman