So What Lurks Inside Those Lavish East Side Townhouses, Anyway?

Funny thing about New York, you can walk by a building a million times and have no clue what is going on inside.  As a broker, I get invited to preview some incredible homes.  Right before Thanksgiving, I toured some Upper East Side townhouses currently on the market.  It was an eye opening experience, not […]

So What’s The Deal About Lofts?

The New York City loft is probably the most coveted living space in the world.   However, is it neither readily affordable nor easily attainable. A loft is not truly a loft unless it’s had a prior life as a commercial space before being converted to an apartment. The hallmarks of classic lofts are big spaces […]

The Most Expensive Condo in NYC

Walking around Manhattan these days requires a hard hat, given all the construction going on. And so, I was wondering what the most expensive condo in the city was presently. According to CityRealty100, a web site that tracks prices of the city’s 100 best-selling condo buildings, the current highest price per square foot is Sting’s […]

The Rent Versus Buy Dilemma

Are you losing sleep over rent versus buy indecision? Here is a convenient tool to help you: The Rent vs. Buy Calculator Zillow, an online real estate database company, has developed a tool to calculate the number of years it will take before the cost of buying equals the cost of renting.  This calculation […]

Expanding my Horizons

Greetings All! I am very pleased to announce that I have joined the luxury real estate firm Engel & Völkers in their New York City brokerage. Engel & Völkers is a leading global real estate firm specializing in the sale and rental of premium residential property, commercial real estate, yachts and aircraft.  I now have seamless access to […]

3 New Development Brooklyn Condos Under $500K

No, it’s not too late to buy a condo in New York City. Here are three new development condos currently on the market for under $500K with low common charges and taxes.  All are located in Brooklyn in areas that are gentrifying rapidly with plenty conveniences, restaurants and coffee places. 1. Flatbush – 2100 Bedford […]

Pools, Pools, Pools

As new buildings enter the market, prospective renters and owners have come to expect pools as part of their standard amenities package.  Because of this, developers, architects and interior designers have created some of the most beautiful oasis’ within the city that never sleeps. Below are some of my favorites. At 135 West 52 the […]

Home Buying Guide for NYC Newlyweds

With the right preparation, determination, positive thinking and a bit of good karma thrown in, it is possible to purchase an apartment in New York City.  For those of you who are starting out, it may feel impossible and overwhelming. Here are my top ten tips to prepare you for making that first offer on […]

Condo or Co-Op? That is the Question.

When it comes to home ownership in New York City, a lot of New Yorkers are unable to decide whether to buy a co-op or condo. Here’s the skinny on the main differences. What is a Co-op? Roughly 75% of Manhattan housing inventory is comprised of co-ops.  Co-ops are owned by a corporation which means […]

Living On The Edge

Greetings All – I am not sure why I thought starting two new business venture simultaneously would be smooth sailing (too much Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York?) but it’s been a wild ride. Time is going so fast and I can hardly keep up with anything these days. But the truth is, […]