My Favorite NYC Celebrity Homes

I have been wanting to do a post on celebrity homes for a long time.  I had a hard time selecting my favorites but when it came down to it, I was definitely influenced more by décor  than size, location and views.    Jennifer Lopez’s sprawling penthouse in the Flat Iron district is currently on […]

Summer Ain’t Over. Get To the Beach!

If you haven’t been to the beach this summer, it is not too late.  You have exactly 13 more days until Labor Day.  Besides, medical research has proven that the beach is good for your health.  So get on a subway, a ferry or the Long Island Railroad, take a day off and breathe in […]

Real Estate 101: First Declutter, Then Stage, Then List.

Are you trying to sell your home but feel overwhelmed by the thought of organizing and decluttering all of your possessions? Is your real estate agent on the verge of handing over your exclusive listing to another broker because your home is taking too long to sell? Are you confused on how to create cohesiveness […]

It’s Summer!

If you are not lucky enough to get an invitation to the Hamptons this summer, don’t panic.  There is plenty to do in the city.  Personally, I love when the Hamptonites clear out and the city is quiet.  Restaurants and subways are less crowded, not to mention the bike paths are easier to navigate if […]

Living On The Edge

Greetings All – I am not sure why I thought starting two new business venture simultaneously would be smooth sailing (too much Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York?) but it’s been a wild ride. Time is going so fast and I can hardly keep up with anything these days. But the truth is, […]

My 6 Square Feet Interview

Greeting All – I was interviewed by a few weeks ago on how I transformed my small, boxy  NYC condo into a beautiful sanctuary.  Here is the link to the interview: My 680sqft: A staging professional mixes family heirlooms and eclectic finds in a modern Harlem condo Since I am in real estate and […]

Who Were My Red Carpet Favorites At The SAG Awards?

Greetings! I always enjoy the SAG awards since it celebrates actors supporting actors.  It is also a two hour show without the formalities that we see at the esteemed Oscar awards (which are scheduled later this month on February 26th.) The red carpet fashions were an improvement over the Golden Globes two weeks ago and I […]


I am embarrassingly late with this.  There is really no excuse except that I am in a surreal state on this Inauguration Day. On top of that, I did not enjoy this year’s Golden Globes.  The fashions were off.  Most were way too metallic and inappropriate for my tastes and some I just did not […]

Happy Holidays from Ellen Explains

Greetings All –  Happy Holidays! Though I have to admit I am just not feeling it this year.   The department store windows feel flat probably due to the mayhem on 57th Street.  I have got to think Christmas sales are down in the neighboring Fifth Avenue stores such as Tiffany, Bergdorf’s and Louis Vuitton. It’s all […]